You must be know more about LED grow lights, because these lights are currently widely used in the led market. Whether you want home indoor lighting, smart lights, or outdoor decorative lights, you will find that there are many options for using LED lights.

At the same time, there is currently a special use of LED lights on the market that is also more popular, and only those who are passionate about indoor plantations and general botany are familiar with it.

You should know below following points when you will buy led grow lights:

Light intensity: This may be the most critical factor for LED grow lights, because it directly affects the growth potential of plants. You will need the perfect strength about the plants you will use it. For multi-function use, please select the one that can be calibrated.

Coverage area: The coverage area of ​​the LED plant growth lamp usually determines its lighting capacity and surface area. Under normal circumstances, LED plant grow lights need to cover the entire planting area to ensure the normal and uniform growth of plants.

Reliability: compare the prices, LED grow lights are not the most affordable equipment. Therefore, you should to buy more efficiency models for your projects, high-quality led plant lights can better reduce the maintenance of finished products, and the quality is more stable and reliable.

If you have trouble choosing the best option for your use, you can follow our “Information Guide” to get the best LED grow  light and choose one accordingly.

Our Best led grow light are popular in 2021

LED quantum board grow light G1

Best features:

1.High Efficiency white light Quantum board used top Epistar SMD LED

2. Full spectrum white color + Red color 660nm

3. Power available: 110 watt, 220 watt, 440 watt and 660 watt

3. Hanging mounting Installation

Light on/off suggestions:

Seeding:20 hours/4 hours or 18 hours/6 hours

Vegetative:20 hours/4 hours or 18 hours/6 hours

Flowering:12 hours/12 hours

Here below is the recommendation for adjusting the height between, led grow light and the plants growing stage

Seeding Height———150-160cm

Vegetative Height———120-140cm

Flowering-Harvest Height———50-70cm

Widely application: it can be used in many applications such as greenhouse, farm anywhere planting flowers, succulents, fruits.

LED plant growth light G3-D1

Best features:

1. High Efficiency white light used top International brand SMD LED chip

2. Power available: 300 watt, 400 watt, 500 watt and 600 watt

3. Widely voltage: 100-277VAC or 200-480VAC high voltage

LED Foldable grow light G3-D2

1.The LED grow light uses the international brand Samsung SMD chip. The full-spectrum white color is composed of sky white 5000K color, warm white 3000K color and 660nm red color to produce.

Our foldable led plant lights are uniquely designed to provide high-performance solutions for the most demanding applications. The LED grow light has a special circuit design. Each module works independently to avoid single damage. Our LED grow light is designed in a foldable style, which can better save transportation costs for our customers.

2. Compared with traditional plants lights, this new dual-chip plant growth light kit is more brighter and efficient. It can perfectly help you save energy and improve the growth environment of plants. It is very suitable for cannabis plant production, and it is also suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor vegetables and flowers in all growth stages.

3. Low-energy LED plant grow lights, compared with other traditional grow lights, can save energy up to 70%, plants can absorb more than 90% of the light energy; obtain higher intensity and more uniform coverage, infinitely close to natural light. Plants respond quickly from seed to flowering, improving yield and crop quality.

4. High reflection and no noise-using all aluminum structure, heat dissipation is very good, the design of the fanless LED growth system can make plants grow better. Your plants get more energy without burning plants to get the most space, suitable for large rooms and commercial places.

Application of led foldable grow light G2

1. LED plant lamps can be used for hydroponics in soil and indoor plant lighting. It can be widely used in indoor living plant gardening, shelf and tent growth.

2. LED plant lights are very suitable for planting seedlings, whether you are planting tomatoes, strawberries, roses, peppers, basil, lettuce, vanilla, kale, spinach, wheat germ, broccoli, wildflowers, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables, lighting for plant growth It can meet your growth needs at all stages and make crops more productive.

3. The corresponding spectrum is very suitable for seedling/young-age vegetative growth or flowering/flowering. With full-spectrum effective ultraviolet/infrared, correct and useful spectrum, it can be used for plant growth and flowering, including three colors of red, white and warm white, which can fully meet the needs of various indoor plant growth cycles.

LED Detachable grow light G3-D3

More detail specification to share:


Testing report of 600W led grow light:

Packing information:

The led grow light is 1 unit in a box with full installation accessories. we can provide different types of plug for different countries. the detachable design can save much shipping cost and easy to installation.

UFO LED Grow light E6

Best features:

1. Top International brand Sansung SMD LED

2. Full spectrum white color (5000K+3000K) + 660nm Red color

3. Power available: 100 watt, 150 watt, 200 watt, 240 watt and 300 watt

3. O hook + Chain mounting


LED Growing Light Buying Guide

The LED grow light uses modern LED chip technology to introduce suitable grow lights for plants. The different effects obtained from different LED grow lights affect the growth and sustainability of plants. If you want to build an indoor planting platform, you can check out our best LED plant growth lights.

These options are selected from hundreds of different options based on various important factors, such as the light intensity of the LED grow light, panel size and overall quality. Nevertheless, you should briefly consider the parameter attributes mentioned below to understand their advantages in different types of applications. After you understand the purchase guide of our LED plant growth lamp, you will be able to choose the right product for yourself.

The intensity of the LED grow light

As we mentioned earlier, the light intensity produced by LED lights is one of the most critical factors, which directly affects the quality of plants growing under light. Since different types of plants have different requirements for photons, you need to choose the correct light intensity on the plants. For best results, you should choose a high-intensity LED plant growth light that can be dimmed as needed.

LED spectrum

The spectrum of LED lights refers to the different wavelengths of light produced by the LED. Plants at different growth stages must be provided with light of different spectrum. If you want to use the same LED growth lamp in different types of growth stages, you should choose full-spectrum matching lamp beads. Or, you can choose between a single spectrum panel suitable for a single application.

Coverage area

The coverage area of ​​the LED plant lights represents the area that the panel can illuminate at the same time. The area of ​​the planting unit must be equal to or less than the area covered by the LED plant grow lights to get the best results. If the part of your planting place is outside the illuminated area, it will cause uneven plant growth and affect the entire plant. You can also install certain lenses to increase or decrease the coverage of the LED grow lights.


Finally, we recommend that you can check our warranty period allocated for the LED grow lights. The LED growth light on the panel may be met problem, and you cannot simply replace the individual LEDs in that part. Since it is expensive to buy LED grow lights, you will get our company’s full guarantee of the durability of the LED plant lights.


As indoor gardening is becoming popular, the LED grow light are also becoming popular. In the past time, you could only traditional grow plants and fruits that suit your surroundings in your background. But now, the advancement of LED technology has brought many choices of lighting products, even if there is not enough light around you, it can help you grow a variety of plants.

One of the equipment is the LED growing light, which allows you to establish your own growing environment with sufficient light. To avoid confusion due to the number of different options and their different attributes, we have listed the best options for you. You can check to our buying guide to choose the best option for your preferred application. If you can’t make up your mind, here are some of our favorite options.

If you do not plan to build a large plantation now, the LED grow lights will be the perfect choice for you to beginning. It is designed for smaller applications because it has a power capacity of 100 watts and a coverage area of ​​2 x 2 meters. Nevertheless, it has a 3-year warranty.

On the other hand, if you need to provide high-intensity light sources for your favorite plant species, then our foldable LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants is the right choice for you. It uses full spectrum white light to provide a power capacity of 800 watts and a coverage area of ​​4 x 4 feet or 5 x 5 feet places.