How to choose suitable led grow light for your greenhouse project?

Working principle and application of plant lamps

Plants need red and blue light for photosynthesis, not green light .Therefore, light environment is one of the important physical environmental factors indispensable for plant growth and development.led grow lights are mainly based on the photosynthetic curve of plant photosynthesis and percentage of photosynthetic pigment absorbed light to determine the composition and proportion so as to provide a good light environment for plants.

In recent years, with the development of agriculture, greenhouse has become a trend of agricultural application.We all know that the climate is different in different places. In some places, the temperature is low and the sunshine time is short.The temperature is higher in some places, but in winter and spring there is mostly rainy day and lack of sufficient sunshine. Moreover different plants need different light. Therefore, we need to add extra light to the greenhouse.People have been constantly exploring how to use existing luminous products to effectively supplement the light needed for plant growth in order to speed up the plant’s growth development, shorten its growth cycle.

There are some obvious problems in the current market of grow light.

1. Lacking of analysis of specific spectral components leads to impurity of grow light quality treatment.

2. The light intensity is inconsistent, close to or even lower than the light compensation point of plants.

3. Low energy efficiency of irradiation grow light source.

Our led grow lights are widely used in artificial light-controlled plant facility cultivation environment.We usually measure the luminous flux , efficiency as well as the occupancy rate of red, green and blue lights of our LED grow light through professional equipment.The following is a kind of fluorescent plant light choosen randomly in our market and our led grow light #led plant light. Through comparison, you can clearly know why our plant lights are so popular.