One of the most critical factors that keep plant growers awake at night is to choose high-quality plant growth lights. If you plan to own an indoor plant garden, you need to understand the different lighting options available on the market and do a lot of research. You can also check the posts of different vendors on the website and listen to the opinions of different people. But how do you know that the advice you received is the best choice for you?

Light is very important for the photosynthesis process of cannabis plants. The more light you provide to the cannabis plant, the more rewards you will get. Monitoring all other environmental factors (such as humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide content in the air) is essential. Cannabis is very sensitive to the amount of light provided by the grower because it can be reflected by the size and quality of the flowers.

With the advancement of technology, LED grow lights have become one of the favorites of many farmers because they promise to provide higher energy efficiency with lower thermal characteristics. The wavelength they provide can be adjusted slightly according to the growth stage of the plant, and consumes 60% less energy than traditional light bulbs. Illegal farms have been hit by huge energy bills, so you need to learn more and get a lighting solution to this problem.

With the continuous research and development of LED plant growth lights, many LED plant growth light systems for indoor cannabis growers have appeared on the market. Technological progress has led to the penetration of a new type of LED lamp called UFO LED GROW LIGHT into the market.

The lamp is superior to traditional HPS plant growth lamps in almost all aspects. It uses less electricity and generates heat, which is only a small part of the heat generated by HPS lamps, thereby reducing the cost of electricity consumption and the risk of plants burning in the growth chamber. LEDs are more difficult to detect using thermal imaging technology and are quieter than most HPS lights that emit a buzzing sound.

UFO LED lights have a high lumen value and can produce full-spectrum light to help plants perform photosynthesis. The following are some of the top UFO LED grow lights, they can provide your cannabis plant with the required light to ensure that the plant grows fast and healthy.

Top 5 UFO LED Grow Lights Reviews

UFO LED grow lights, 100W to 300W full spectrum plant light

UFO LED grow lights are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Compare with traditional HPS grow lamp, it can help you save more energy and money. our UFO grow light uses Samsung chips and red color 660nm, which is one of the best quality white growth lamps, and it can produce full-spectrum light including ultraviolet light and infrared light. LED Grow lights are effective at all growth stages of plants and help increase plant yields. It is equipped with a built-in aluminum radiator and aerospace-grade high thermal conductivity aluminum housing, which helps to keep the LED cool and extend its life.

What are the features of UFO LED Grow Lights?

1. The UFO LED Grow Lights is used full spectrum white color and red color to make it, our standard voltage is AC120-277V, and we can provide the high voltage of 347-480 VAC

2. There are kind of watt available to choose, 100 Watt, 150 watt, 200 watt, 240 watt and 300 watt.

2. There has a die-cast aluminum housing for our UFO led grow light, and is also sealed with a polycarbonate lens.

3. Our UFO LED Grow fixture have got the full certification of ETL FCC CE ROHS and ISO 9001 that the quality is very stable and reliable.

What are the advantages of UFO LED Grow Lights?

1. Lower operating cost and higher output, can provide strong light output and uniform canopy penetration, so as to obtain the maximum higher output. The footprint for vegetables is 4 x 4 feet, and the footprint for flowers is 3 x 3 feet. The multi-lamp connection with unified dimming function is particularly conducive to large-scale indoor commercial planting.

2. UFO LED plant grow lights provide high-performance solutions for the most demanding applications with a unique design. It can widely install for many applications, such as grow tent, greenhouses, farms, mini gardens, hydroponic planting, growing flowers, succulents, and fruits anywhere.

60W Square LED Grow Lights G5

Square led grow lights is a full spectrum, suitable for all growth stages. The growth lamp has the best ratio of red and blue light, which can increase the growth rate and plant yield. You can see the leaves start to emerge within 125 days after use. UFO grow lights are equipped with UL-certified fans and aluminum heat-conducting plates that help reduce fan noise. It is composed of Philips chips and works with thermal solutions to reduce light loss. Compared with other UFO lamps, the growth lamp has a higher luminous output.


It suitable for all growth stages
Its can use in the production of indoor grow tents
Power: 60W
It offers a two-year gurantee

150W LED Grow Lights G6

150W LED Grow Lights adopts full-spectrum ratio and has high energy efficiency. It has intelligent heat dissipation control and an aluminum heat dissipation shell with double-sided cooling function to ensure that the temperature is kept below 60 degrees. Because there is no fan, it is very quiet. UFO grow lights consume only 50 to 55 watts, but can replace traditional 150W HPS lights. It is suitable for all growth stages.


warranty is 2 years
It doesn’t make any noise
You can use it in all stages of growth
It has a smart cooling system

50W Square UFO Grow Light G7

The square LED plant growth light is a six-band full-spectrum plant light. led grow light fixture are compose of white, blue, red, ultraviolet and infrared to produce. the design is anodized aluminum back cover and ABS material. It is very efficient, because led grow light 50W can generate light equal to 150W HPS/MH.

The growth lamp is equip with an upgraded aluminum cooling radiator. It is not equip with a fan, so it does not make any noise. If you grow hemp seeds, we recommend placing them at a height of 36 inches to 40 inches from the plant. After two weeks, reduce the distance to 24 inches and let it stay there throughout the plant’s growth phase. At the flowering stage, loosen it again and keep it between 15 inches and 18 inches.


It is energy efficient.
There are any noise
It has a 12-month warranty
The light is the full spectrum white color

50W UFO LED Plant Grow Lights G8

The UFO LED plant grow lights is compose of blue SMD chip and red SMD chip, which provide a suitable spectrum for the growth of plants at various stages. The growth lamp uses 50W of power to quickly improve the growth process and grow leaves within 15 days after use. Depending on the growth cycle of the plant, it is best to hang it between an installation height of 8 inches and 58 inches. The LED grow light contains a newly upgraded cooling radiator to help dissipate heat. It does not have any fans or makes any noise. LED lights have low power consumption but high luminous efficiency. Its service life is 50,000 hours.


It has a powerful cooling system
It does not make any noise
You can use it in all stages of growth
The quality is reliable and stable
3-year warranty

Reasons to use UFO LED plant lights in your hemp garden

Low energy consumption

Enough experiments have been conducted to show that compared to high-pressure sodium lamps, UFO LED plant growth lamps consume less energy while still providing the lumens needed for plant growth.

long lifespan

The lifespan of UFO LED plant grow lights is even five times longer than that of any other plant, helping you minimize the cost of regular replacements and benefit by having larger, denser, and stronger cannabis plants.


Although some LEDs are slightly more expensive than high-intensity discharge lamps, the initial cost is a worthwhile investment, because grow lamps can help you reduce energy consumption by 60% and reduce light burning.

Strong power

UFO LED grow lights can last a long time without heating. It helps to provide the much-needed light for plants to keep them strong and healthy. Regardless of the size of the garden, the UFO LED plant growth light can adjust its brightness according to the level of plant growth.


When plants appear before a certain spectrum, photosynthesis occurs. The red light range is particularly useful during the flowering stage of plants, while the blue light spectrum helps promote plant growth. UFO LED plant growth lights can produce two LED ranges and help plants increase yield.

Low-calorie production

The UFO LED grow light generates a small amount of heat, allowing you to place the round LED light close to the plant, exposing the cannabis plant to strong light. When exposed to strong light, hemp grows quite well. Low heat production also means that you may not need to use air conditioning to help you save costs. However, it may still be a good idea to ventilate your plants by running some fans to dissipate the heat that has accumulated over time.

How light helps the growth of cannabis

The photosynthesis of cannabis is caused by light. As a cannabis grower, your main goal is to obtain high-quality buds. However, this is due to the amount of light you give the plants. The size and quality of cannabis flowers are affect by the number of lumens you provide to the plant. For optimal plant yield, at least 30,000 lumens are require for every 10 square feet of planting room, while still maintaining the proper balance of the environment. When the marijuana plant receives sufficient light, it will focus on producing calyxes instead of flowers. When it does not receive enough light, it will grow more leaves, resulting in a poor harvest.

The duration of light received by plants is also important. During the growth phase of the cannabis plant, you should expose the cannabis to light for 18 hours and keep it in the dark for 6 hours. During the flowering phase, you can switch the time to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. It is very suitable for indoor growth because you can fully control the light.