Do UFO grow lights make plants grow faster?

Faster flowering can result in significant savings and better profitability for growers. Various conditions can affect the flowering speed, but the most important is the quality of light specturm. It is well known that the ratio of red:far red color from the light source, be it sunlight or a lamp acts as a trigger leading to the flowering response in plants.

The findings for all species and their geno types show a positive flowering response to a decreasing red:far red ratio. What this means is that when the amount of far-red increases in relation to red light, the plant receives a signal which encourages it to produce flowers and seeds. In addition to the R:FR ratio, the researchers concluded that the total amount of far-red itself also impacted the time of flowering when the R:FR was below 3.5. This was most evident in late flowering geno types, in which the flowering response could be enhanced by 14-21 days with the correct R:FR ratio and total far-red irradiation.

What is the full spectrum UFO grow lights?

As the name suggests, the full spectrum UFO grow lights is a luminaire that uses LED chips to generate light for plant growth in a modern and effective way.

UFO led grow light has a variety of shapes and sizes, but as the most basic unit of LED grow lights, LED chips have the greatest impact on the quality of light (that is, the spectrum (color) and photon flux (“brightness”) produced).

Compared with traditional lighting solutions, one of the advantages of UFO grow light is the ability to match the light with the needs of plants.

The UFO led grow light consist of multiple individual light-emitting diodes, usually in a housing with a radiator and a built-in fan. Full spectrum UFO led grow light usually do not need a separate ballast and can be directly plugged into a standard electrical socket.

What are the applications of UFO Grow Lights?

3.Flowers planting
4.Succulents planting
5.Fruits planting