In the past times, traditional indoor operations depends on HPS lamps to supplement sunlight. However, the low efficiency of traditional lamps makes them unsuitable as a single source of illumination.

Because of traditional lamps’ high electric power requirements. There are many other types of lights use to grow indoors, but light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are revolutionizing controlled growth techniques for a number of reasons.

The progress of LED lighting has improved its efficiency in converting electricity into light, and it is becoming more and more profitable for indoor farms.

LED lights have powerful functions and sufficient cost-effectiveness. They have become popular supplementary light sources in greenhouse plant lighting, and can also become the only light source for greenhouses or indoor farms.

The advantage of adjustable for led grow light fixture, exciting plant light recipes can be tailor-made by adjusting settings such as light intensity, duration, wavelength (color), and illumination schedule.

Therefore, the modern farmers can adapt to the new environment to meet the needs of different plants. In addition, growers can also adjust the brightness of light (wavelength range is particularly important) to change plant physiology, thereby achieving results such as delaying flowering, increasing biomass, accelerating photosynthesis, and many other interesting plant signal responses.

What LED grow light fixture do professional growers use for cannabis plants?

Light is the key element needed by the cannabis plant. In the process of photosynthesis, plants convert light energy into chemical energy, so that plants can thrive, especially cannabis plants, light can also promote the production of buds.

When planting outdoors, plants can use the energy of the sun, but in an indoor environment, growers can simulate sunlight by using LED lights, the purpose of which is to display the same spectrum as the sun.

LED grow lights can accurately control the amount of light received by plants to ensure that they get the same amount of light day after day, and growers don’t have to worry about bad weather or cloudy days in the outdoor environment.

More and more professional growers buy grow lights to increase crop and cannabis production.

The sales value of the grow lamp market is expected to increase from USD 1.2 billion in 2021 to USD 4.9 billion in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 32.2% during the forecast period. The legalization of cannabis cultivation has also increased the demand for LED plant lights by more growers.

LED plant lights are more expensive than traditional plant lights, but they are also more energy efficient, which can save more capital costs in the long run. Some lamps are large in size and have many parts, some are light in weight, and some are more suitable for young or mature plants.

There are many different kinds of lights, so knowing where to start can be daunting.

Today, we will show you the lightweight LED plant growth light we launched in 2021.

What makes a good led grow light fixture?

1. Lamp bead ratio

For all types of cannabis plants, full-spectrum and red-spectrum LED plant lights are a good choice.

Color temperature refers to the warmth and color of the emitted light. Our LED grow lights uses international brand Samsung SMD chips. The lamp beads of this LED plant growth light are composed of full-spectrum Samsung white light (3000K+5000K) and 660nm red light, which can help plants from seedling to harvest. For ordinary plants, it can save you the trouble and cost associated with changing the lighting to induce flowering.

During plant growth, hemp grows best when it provides cool daylight blue light of approximately 5,000 Kelvin. In contrast, flowering cannabis performs best under a warm red light of 3,000 Kelvin.

2. What are PPFD and PPE?

The LED grow light replaces natural light and provides power for the growth of the cannabis plant and its buds. Light is very important for plant production.” If there is not enough bright light, even healthy cannabis plants will not produce too many buds. As an alternative to HPS growth lights, this LED grow light is very popular among cannabis growers. welcome.

What is PPFD? PPFD is the photosynthetic photon flux density. When you choose led plant light, you should compare the PPFD values ​​of different plant lights. The greater the luminous flux value, the better the effect on plant growth.

What is PPE in lighting? PPE refers to photosynthetic photon efficacy. PPE describes the amount of light produced by the growth lamp from its input power. The indicator used to measure PPE is micromoles per watt per second-since watts are joules per second, it is simplified to µmol/J.

Our hot-selling 800W LED plant growth light 2.6umol/j plays a key role in the cultivation of cannabis

3. Testing report share with you

4. Good heat dissipation

The LED foldable grow light uses a pure aluminum alloy shell, which has good heat dissipation and extends the lifespan. Surface treatment is anodized, high thermal conductivity, ultra-fast heat dissipation and temperature reduction, and improve wear resistance. This allows your plants to grow quickly and happily. The full-spectrum LED grow light has no fan. It provides a quiet growth experience for growers.

5. What wattage options are available for LED grow light fixture?

Actual power: Because the actual power of plant lights always changes with different conditions, all sellers use the rated power to describe the power of the product, because the rated power is constant. When you choose an LED grow lamp, the rated power of the plant light is a reference. It is important to purchase the corresponding wattage according to your needs. We have 400 watts, 600 watts, 800 watts, 1000 watts, 1200 watts, 1500 watts to choose from. The design is a folding style, and the packaging is smaller, which can save more transportation costs.

6. LED plant growth lamp product size

This foldable led grow light has different wattages and sizes. How much light you need depends on the number of plants you plan to grow, and it also depends on the size of your space. If you plant in a closet or small planting tent, you can only install a 600 watt or 800 watt grow light in it. If you have a spacious basement, you can install some 600 watt, 800 watt, 1000 watt or 1200 watt plant growth lights there. Power is equal to pounds, so if you want high output, you need more watts. A high-power plant light can double the workload of several low-power bulbs.

7. IP67 Waterproof UL Power Supply

The LED grow light have used UL listed brand of sosen or meanwell driver 0-10V dim which it have IP67 waterproof for damp and wet locations. It also have waterproof lamp body,  it strict sealing and welding process can prevent flying dust and splashing water, and can be install in humid growing environment.

8. 0-100% Dimming and Smart Control

The LED grow lighting is built-in smooth step-less manual knob dimmer. you can control the intensity of lights at any growth stage manually. Total 0-100% freely adjust the light intensity according to the different growing needs of plants and saving energy at the same time.

The Internal smart control RJ14 port design, it can control up to 100 lights per channel or 200 lights total. The RJ14 type controller has two channels. You can daisy chain up to 100 lights per channel with one single controller. The controller replaces traditional analog lighting relays and eliminates inrush current.

9. Suggested Installation Height

According to each stage of plant growth, they need different levels of light.

If you want to know exactly how far away the plant light should be from the plant, you need to consider the different growth stages of the plant.

The power output of the grow light is also very important-this is usually related to the wattage of the light source, which is the main factor in determining the optimal distance of the LED when starting the growth process.

The growth stages of plants can be roughly divided into three different stages-seedling, nutrition and flowering stages. This means that once a healthy root is firmly established, it is time to increase the intensity and lower the light.

Generally speaking, LED plant growth lights can be maintained at 24-30 inches during the germination period, 24 inches during the seedling period, 18-24 inches during the vegetative period, and 18 inches during the blooming period. If the light is strong, hang the grow light a few inches higher, if the light is not too strong, hang it a few inches lower.

10. OEM or ODM can provide

We accept OEM or ODM for led grow lights. Housing color, driver brand, smart control RJ14 port and logo can be patent design.

11. Widely application of led grow lights

This LED grow light is specially design to substitute natural light, stimulating photosynthesis and providing the right color spectrum where the plant can grow and flourish. It is energy-efficient lights used by indoor and greenhouse farmers and Cannabis growers .

It can install at greenhouse, farm, container farm, hydroponic growing, vertical farm and mini Garden.

12. Packing Information

The 800 Watt grow light fixture is 1 unit in a box with full mounting accessories. Different types of plug are available for different countries. New patent design can save shipping cost and easy to installation.

We have already exported 10,000 units to North America. If you have any projects need led grow light, welcome to visit our website: to know more and send inquiry, thank you.