LED Grow Lights Application

Full Spectrum Design, Bring Better Harvests

Infinite close to natural light, rapid plant response from seed to flower and increase yield & crop quality.

APP Smart Control / Customized RJ14 Ports

All the lights can be easily controlled with only one mobile phone APP, which is more intelligent and convenient.

Housing Color/Driver/Logo Customizable

We provide OEM ODM services to meet the needs of customers' individual customization.

More Efficient LED Chips & Higher Output

More Efficient LED Chips help to get 50% higher yield harvest performance and save lots of costs.

Convenient Folding & Installation

Lamp body is much more larger, has larger coverage area and bearings inside, easy folding easy to carry.

Aluminum Heat Sink

Super fast heat dissipation and cooling, low light decay makes long efficiency and lifespan.

0-10v Dimming Function

Save electricity while obtaining perfect growth performance for each growing phase.

IP65 Lamp Body Waterproof

Strict sealing and welding process, can prevent flying dust and splashing water in humid growing environment.

Why Choose Us

Shenzhen Bbier Lighting Co., ltd. It was founded in 2008 LED Luminaires Manufacturing Organization (Factory), Our Factory has ISO9001: 2008 Standard and Leader in Manufaturing All Series of Innovative Energy Saving Projects LED Luminaires for United States Wholesale Distributor (Importer) and Solution Company of lighting. Mainly product: Commercial LED Lighting & Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Energy saving LED Company. To solution help our customer to get the Utilities. The refund more of our lamp has the ETL approval and DLC certificate...

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